Professionalism in the work place Unit IV Assignment. I will be checking for plagiarism and any other cheating website.

Note citing for paper. (Arthur, year, page number)Art Gallery: Principles of Design For Unit IV of your art gallery presentation, you will be adding descriptions of the principles of design you observe in the artworks you placed in your art gallery. The purpose of this unit assignment is to demonstrate that you can apply what you learned about design principles to your gallery artworks. ? Begin by reviewing your Unit III feedback and making any necessary revisions to the descriptions of the visual elements. ? Next, research the design elements in Chapter 4 of your textbook.? Place the Design Principles slide directly after the Visual Elements slide describing each artwork.? Provide a detailed description of the design principles in each artwork. For design principles, make sure you describe how the artist used most or all of the ones in Chapter 4: unity and variety, balance, emphasis, directional forces, contrast, repetition and rhythm, and scale and proportion. Questions to consider are included below: o Unity: what elements work together to make a harmonious whole? ART 1301, Art Appreciation I 4 o Variety: What creates diversity?o Balance: Is it symmetrical or asymmetrical?o Emphasis: What is the focal point?o Directional forces: What are the paths for the eye to follow?o Contrast: Where do you see contrasting elements in the artwork? o Repetition & rhythm: Is an element repeated?o Scale & proportion: Are the objects in proportion to each other? ?  You do not need to cite a source if it is your observation. Only cite a source if you are using information that someone published. Be sure to use APA formatting for all outside sources. ?  Please submit your full presentation thus far, which should include the previous updated segments and the segment for this unit. ?  This segment must include a minimum of five PowerPoint slides. To access the art gallery template, an example presentation, and other PowerPoint resources, click on the “Course Resources” link in the course menu bar of Blackboard.Click here to access an example of this presentation segment. Click here to view this example in PDF format. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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