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In your profile, which will be between three and four pages long (750-1000 words), you will present an individual while making a larger point about a context (a community, social movement, “world,” place or time) to which your “subject” is connected. One of your main goals is to engage readers by coming to a larger point in this piece (as Paul does when she highlights Boyd’s research on web cultures). To do this, you will highlight at least one of the contexts that seems significant to the individual you are profiling, and, in fact, might try to connect it to one or some of the concepts we have been discussing this semester, such as community, digital spaces, and/or literacy . To write a successful profile, you will need to present a rich description of your subject. That is not enough though. You will also want to come to a larger point that leaves readers with a larger message about how individuals’ experiences are tied to social groups, movements, and moments. You will also want to do more showing than telling here. Be sure to use rich details— descriptions, scenes, dialogue—to make your points in powerful ways. These are things we will be looking for as we read your profiles: Profile Generative Rubric 1. Orienting your Readers Title Is there a title that speaks to the subject and theme of the profile? Introduction Do you catch your readers’ attention in your introduction? Do you give them an idea of what this profile will be about or argue? Structure Do you arrange your paragraphs around a main idea or point? Are they organized in a logical manner? Do you use paragraph breaks to lead your readers through your text? Do you use a complex structure here that underscores your larger point(s)? Conclusion Is your conclusion developed? Does it provide some finality to your profile? 2. Moving Between Specifics and Generalizations Concrete Details Are there specific examples that bring this profile to life? Does at least one “scene” take readers into an experience? Do you quote your subject? Do you use primary data (from an interview or observations) to present a clear sense of this individual and his or her voice? Generalized Reflective Comments Do you comment on the specific details you bring into this profile and tell your readers why they are important? Do you give your readers a rich sense of why you are profiling this specific individual? Do you answer the implicit “so what”? 3. Finishing Touches Proofreading Have you polished this paper before handing it in? Do grammatical, or surface level features, affect the readability of this text? Formatting Have you formatted this text in an appropriate way? We will use MLA formatting this time around


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