Program EffectivenessThere are many law enforcement programs

Program EffectivenessThere are many law enforcement programs that bind the community and the policetogether to fight crime in a collaborative manner.  Each year during thebudget cycle, police chiefs are tasked with finding alternative funding to bolsterenforcement and non-enforcement programs that they deem as operationallysignificant.  Unfortunately, within this process, some programs areeliminated due to budget cuts. In an essay, address the following:Examine how law enforcement leaders determine theeffectiveness of enforcement and non-enforcement programs when assessingwhat does or does not get eliminated from the budget. Rationalize who should ultimately decide whatprogram(s) is/are eliminated. Select which programs you would continue to fund, andassess the associated risks. The paper must be three to fourpages in length (excluding the title and reference page), and formattedaccording to APA style.You must use at least two scholarly sources(at least one of which can be found inthe Ashford University Library) other than the textbook to support yourclaims and subclaims. Cite your sources in text and on the reference page. Forinformation regarding APA samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford WritingCenter, within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar.Needs to have a introduction,conclusion and thesis statement stated in the introduction and last sentence ofconclusion, I will find the sources from the ashford library once you bid onthanksAssessmentof a program in a law enforcement agency is critical to ensuring that the allthe objectives that was meant to be achieved by the program are met. Theprogram needs to be evaluated by both internal and external bodies that workindependently. It is the duty of the leaders within the agency to oversee thisevaluation and to ensure it runs effectively. The success of the program can bedetermined by looking at different levels of the program and evaluating them ateach stage. The program can be evaluated based on the level of compliance withthe regulatory bodies, effective service delivery to the intended group,efficiency in the management style of the firm and ability to tackle theproblem sand risks that may come up within the program (Lee, 2007).Leaders of the agencies can use the parameters to evaluate growth of theprogram.  They are tasked with the dutyof knowing what the purpose of the program was and how it was meant to make itsucceed.Therole of the leaders within the agencies moves beyond evaluation of the programto control of funds meant for the financing of its activities. Sound knowledgeon the financial requirements of the program is mandatory to building a programthat works and achieves its meant purpose. The leaders of the agency shouldwork with all the stakeholders in determining the appropriate budget allocationto each section of the program. It will make it easier for them to decide onwhat is added to or eliminated from the program’s budget. The decision to makeany changes to the budget should be determined by the use of each item withinthe program. The leader of the agency should work with partners within andoutside the organization to decide on what is added and/or eliminated from thebudget. The partners should be experts for each item of evaluation within theprogram. For instance, financial experts need to be consulted on budgetadjustments and how they might affect the financial state of the program withinthe agency. Therefore, for an effective evaluation, every section of theprogram needs to be evaluated by. The whole process must include all thestakeholders for conclusive results.In addition, an all-inclusive evaluation willbe able to accurately determine what the program needs and does not require.For example, programs that are mandatory such salaries of the employees, theymust be factored in the budget while those that are not entirely needed by theprogram must be justified on why they should be included. Therefore, thedecision to eliminate a program should be left to the leader of the agency butthey should have wide consultations with other stakeholder sin order to reach aconclusive decision. Leaders are tasked with the duty of overseeing thisprocess since they are the custodians of the agencies but they should act oncounsel from all the policy makers including regulatory bodies.Theprograms that must continue to receive funding should be divided into twosections. The mandatory programs and those necessary but not urgent or theagency can do without. This will help ensure that the most urgent needs of theprogram are sorted in the budget before any extra fund scan be channeled toother activities that are not very important. The factors that the organizationcannot avoid such as the salaries of the employees must be included within thebudget. Payment of wages is mandatory but has associated risks. It becomesexpensive when more personnel are hired to provide services to people. Theagency has to incur extra expenses such as purchase of equipment to be used byeach of the employees. Hence, much as the program aim sat improving provisionof services by increasing the workforce, leaders have to be prepared to incurother joint expenditures that come with the hiring of new officers. Further,funds for the daily maintenance of equipment and other items such as vehiclesmust be part of the budget to avoid any inconveniences (Mikesell, 2011).Funding for maintenance would be mandatory but the risk associated factorscomes in where the equipment degenerates with time. It would be expensivefunding this rather than just buying a new equipment that does not require muchmaintenance costs. In addition, utility bills must be in the budget since theprogram cannot do without them. Some of these include water and electricitybills that are often recurrent. It would be possible though to cut down on thecost of the utilities by encouraging g the users within the program to reduceon wastage. The cost of the budget allocation can therefore reduce and fundschanneled elsewhere for other uses.Despitethe fact that the mandatory item scan not be avoided within the budget, thereis need to evaluate them every time a budget is drawn in order to factor incases of inflation. Critical assessments should be done to avoid creating abudget that does not consider any eventualities (Stuart, n.d). Therefore, leaders within theorganization must ensure that they include different stakeholders to assistwhen making budgetary allocations. It might help reduce wastage of funds but atthe same time creating more finances to facilitate funding of other necessaryitems the program requires. The leader of the program tasked with the duty ofapproving any budgetary allocations should carefully examine the distributionsof the budget before handing it over to the controlling authority that providesthe funds. It will give the leader an opportunity of justifying the budgetallocations to the superiors without having any problems. A well formulatedbudget can easily get approval if the right items are added.Theleader of an agency should ensure that they come up with an evaluationmanagement system that will guarantee effective service provision to thepeople. The system should be comprehensive enough to include all theprofessionals and heads of the regulatory bodies. It is particularly importantto have leaders of regulatory authorities so as to ensure everything is done asstipulated within the law.ReferencesLee, W. D.(2007). Program evaluations: improving operational effectiveness andorganizational   efficiency. The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.Mikesell,J. (2011). Fiscal administration,analysis and applications for the public sector (8th   Ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage.Stuart,R.D., (n.d.). Budgeting Basics. Institute for Criminal Justice, Inc. (ICJE).Retrieved from is missing a thesis the thesis need reinstated at the conclusion. there needs a introduction and conclusion.  The paper needs to be worked around the thesis. Change whaat you need thanks

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