Project 3 Javascript Whack-a-Mole Web Game

I’m working on a Javascript exercise and need support.

This is NOT a hard assignment, I just don’t have time to do it. Something came up that needs my time.

***But I need this in 24 hours!! And I can give you what I have for Project 2. It’s in a zip file attached to this question, let me know if it opens or not.

I need you to make a simple whack-a-mole game called “Candy Crunch!” where you click as many Jolly Rancher candies in 30 seconds. I need you to make the 30 second timer decrease by 30 seconds every time you click the candy. If you can, make the candy disappear and reappear randomly inside the gamespace every time you click the candy. Also, please make and add a tiny favicon for the site.

I can take your answer in the form of Javascript code & a CSS code file or an edited web “index” file and a CSS code file. I will test whether your answer works or not by posting it to my school page using Filezilla. Once I post it to Filezilla and it works and MEETS the requirements, I will give a perfect score.


I need:

1. A webpage with the whack-a-mole game (with just the Project 3 rules done)

2.a CSS file

3. a connection to the Javascript library

4. the images

***Please have this done by tomorrow 8pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4).

I have attached the Project 3 requirements AND my Project 2 to expand upon to this question in a Word file.


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