Project Description&nbspI have installed and edited a Sitemile

Project Description: I have installed and edited a Sitemile Project theme Website to the best of myability. – I now need a professional to complete the work I can’t do, this iswhere you come in!INTRODUCTION:I have 12 things that need to be changed, some of which I know are quick fixesespecially for someone with experience with Sitemile themes.( -**IMPORTANT** – Please review the site and ONLY BID if you have experienceworking on the themes. (I will provide the log-in details to my wordpress siteafter selecting the successful candidate – preferably the lowest bid)PERSONALISATION WORK:1. Child Theme:Make sure all alterations are on child theme (including current php files fromproject theme as I’ve not been able to transfer them to the child theme withoutstopping them work so had to edit the project theme files.2. Pricing Table:Upload and set up an editable responsive pricing table (preferably on a widepage rather than one with widget column on right – Please see attached examplepricing table with information.3. Project Locations:The project locations aren’t showing correct numbers on home page – i.e – thereshould be 2 projects in the North West but they’re not showing on the 1st page?(North West (0) – when it should be – North West (2)) – It shows on the’All Projects’ page but doesn’t update the home page4. Membership Levels:There are currently two membership levels – Provider & Contractor – I needto split the Provider membership levels down further to offer 4 levels frombasic through to premier level membership allowing different functionality andcapabilities on the site. (see attached pricing table for levels of capabilities)This will need to integrate with the pricing table and integrate with Zoho Signup form & Paypal (I have already made a form with Zoho Creator however youmay be able to do it better?) 5. Email notifications Categories:I need the providers to only receive emails from the category they haveregistered for – I don’t want them to be able to choose any of them as it canat the moment.6. Feedback:I want the feedback to be customised to offer two opportunities for thecontractor to leave feedback:Initial Feedback – when booking the contractorFinal Feedback – when the contractor has carried out the work.I also have a heart rating system images (I will send of heart rating feedbackpng images at various stages) which I want to incorporate into the site ratherthan the stars.7. Featured Contractor:I also want to be able to feature a contractor on the front page but not justbecause they have good feedback but because I want to feature them (i.e if theypaid extra membership) or if not if there’s a way that any featured contractorwill show at the top of their list?8. Contractor Search:Is it possible to have the Contractor search set out similar to the ProjectSearch – given a profile breakdown rather than just a list?9. Contractor Profile:I need the Hourly Rate changed to coinside with the Pricing Budgets as set outin Pricing Settings on 10. Virus:There is an autolink virus on my site somewhere – if you could find it anddelete it that would be great!11. Backup:I need a Backup that will work with either dropbox or google drive as i haveuploaded them but they’re not backing my site up? – its a large site!12. Website Speed:I need to speed my website up, I have done a GT Metrix report (Page Speed 90%A, YSlow Grade 67% D) and there are some issues which need addressing. I needmy site to be as fast as possible!BUDGET:This is a new self-funded start-up business so our budget is tight initiallyhowever we are interested in growing our business relationship with a developerwho we can trust and in the future as our business grows so will our need foryour services.Any questions I will be happy to answer – this project is urgent as oncecompleted the site can be launched.Skills required: Javascript, PHP, SoftwareArchitecture, WordPress, Zoho, Website Security

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