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UBT decided to open new collage for Truism and Archeology which to be established in Dhabban campus. You are appointed accordingly to be the project manager of this project from the early stage.

The top management plans to start admitting the new students by the August-2021 in order to be the first university within the kingdom which starts enrolling students. You as a project manager at the early stage of involvement are required to make planning, scheduling and controlling activates by using all knowledge, tools and techniques you have learnt so far from IE 310.

What is expected from you as PM in this assignment?

1-You create a clear goals and objective for this project.

2-Define a clear scope statement.

3-Define the project team how will work with you along with their responsibilities by using work break down structure (WBS).

4-Define the project main activates from all aspects such as (building constructions, facilities, labs, staff recruitment, collage furnishing and decoration, classrooms preparations and others).

5-Use the project schedule to allocate the cost and time for each activity using Excel sheet with full details on it. The sheet should explain the group of items together. As example for construction part, you will have a group of activates such as land preparation, digging, clearing, building first floor, send floor, etc). Each main activities in part-3 should have a least 5 sub-activities in your schedule.

6-The time completion has to be made using the CPM technique and its network diagram.

7-The total project budget has to be realistic and you should develop all costs related including additional expenses which have learnt from IE 310.

8-Final closing of the project with conclusion and recommendation.


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