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Project: The Changing Nature of Scientific KnowledgeThis project will provide you with an opportunity to investigate the changing nature of scientific knowledge.Conduct some research on continental drift, which is the idea that Earth’s landmasses are not in fixed positions, but rather slowly moving around the globe. The position of these landmasses has changed significantly over millions of years. Plate tectonics is a theory that explains how continental drift takes place.Research the following:Who is the scientist who did much of the early work on continental drift?What evidence did this scientist have to support his idea of continental drift?Why was the idea of continental drift not initially accepted by many other scientists and the general public at the time?What happened to change people’s views and lead them to believe in continental drift?What is an example of a technology that helps support the idea of continental drift, thus leading to a change in scientific knowledge?Why should society be concerned about continental drift and plate tectonics? What value does this research have for the public in general?Here are some websites that can help you in your research. You can also use other sites. Use the keywords “theory of plate tectonics” or “continental drift” to search for additional websites to use in your research.Explanation of plate tectonics.Why society should worry about plate tectonics.History of Plate Tectonics.After you have conducted your research, show what you learned by creating a slideshow (using PowerPoint or Discuss not only the answers to the questions above, but also how the study of plate tectonics demonstrates how scientific knowledge grows over time and how scientific endeavor can benefit society.Submit your completed project to Project: The Changing Nature of Scientific Knowledge assignment link for grading. Your assignment will be graded according to the writing rubric found in the orientation unit.

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