PromptFor this activity, you need to pick one of the SBIRT

Prompt:For this activity, you need to pick one of the SBIRT vignettes (links below) to use in a roleplay where you will administer the assessment instruments you have learned about in the material for this week. By now, you should also have found a volunteer to do the roleplay with you. (If not, then do that first.) Once they have agreed and completed the Informed Consent Form for Volunteers, you must upload it to this assignment dropbox (along with the other assignment items noted below) for your instructor to see. The volunteer will play the part of the client based on the information provided in the vignette; you will play the part of the social worker in the situation, setting a context and then assessing the clients using the AUDIT and/or DAST. SBIRT VignettesVINGRETTE – DORA.pdf DAST.pdf AUDIT.pdf Your goal is to screen the client for substance use problems or at-risk use and determine their level of risk. Once this is determined, you will share with the client his/her score and zone, as well as the low-risk guidelines for his/her sex and age group. You might want to go back and watch the SBIRT narrated PowerPoints again to familiarize yourself more fully with the assessment process. Watching the Audit Screening videos below might also be useful. Audit Screening VideosSBIRT AUDIT Screening – Substance Abuse Screening Intake – Video: SBIRT for alcohol / drugs with adolescents – Tasks:Your video should be between 3 – 5 minutes. Write out a script, and work to make the role play as realistic as possible. PLEASE USE THESE RESOURCE TO HELP FORMULATE THE SCRIPT BASED ON THE DORA SCENARIO:Teaching-SBIRT-Faculty-Guide-Session-1.pdf Teaching-SBIRT-Faculty-Guide-Session-2.pdf Teaching-SBIRT-Faculty-Guide-Session-3-Part-1.pdf Cournoyer, B. (2014). The Social Work Skills Workbook. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole. Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Journal ArticlesWalsh, F. (2003). Family resilience: A framework for clinical practice. Family Process, 42(1), 1-18. Walton, E., Roby, J., Frandsen, A., & Davidson, R. (2003). Strengthening At-Risk Families by Involving the Extended Family. Journal Of Family Social Work, 7(4), 1-22.

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