PSYC: short paper

I don’t know how to handle this Psychology question and need guidance.

One page, APA formatting, double space, Times New Roman, 12 size font

1) Choose a topic out of the chapters we read

2) Search in the library for a peer reviewed article relating to the topic you chose

3) Read carefully the Abstract, Introduction, and Conclusion sections.

4) Write the one page assignment following the APA style of academic writing:

  • In one line at the top of the page write your full name, ID, Date, PSYC 102 BV
  • For example: Dino Shodaki; 3398746202; February 3, 2020; PSYC 102 BV {1/15}
  • In the second line write the topic you chose in the title of the assignment in 12 size font, not larger! For example: Library Search – Adolescence Anxiety {1/15}
  • Describe the steps you took in searching the online library for a relevant article (first paragraph of 3-4 sentences). {3/15}
  • Explain in your own words why you chose this article (second paragraph in 2-3 sentences). {3/15}
  • In your own words summarize the sections of Abstract, Introduction, and Conclusions (third paragraph of 5-6 sentences). {3/15}
  • Write the reference of the article you chose according to APA style of formatting at the end of the page. {3/15}
  • Submit the assignment on time with the PDF article on Canvas


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