Q1. Consider that globally, the amount of digital data creat

Q1. Consider that globally, the amount of digital data created continues to increase at an unprecedented rate and as a result the storage requirements to manage this growth is challenging. For this week’s main post, research the types of storage devices (limit your main discussion to 3 storage devices) used in your workplace. Discuss their purpose, any direct experiences with the devices, as well as the capabilities and limitations of these devices.Requirement: One to Two PagesQ2. Research the file management capabilities of both the Windows and Android operating system. In a three to four page paper:A. Discuss the merits of each file management system,B. Methods available for file manipulation, C. How user-defined permissions are implemented and can be examined.Be sure to proof and edit your work before submitting. Always cite your source using APA guidelines. For this assignment, you must utilize sources outside of the textbook for your research.

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