Q1. Readthrough the articles on homomorphic encryption above

Q1. Readthrough the articles on homomorphic encryption above. You might also find a fewmore articles before you submit your posting.Given the information in thesearticles, provide your opinion on the realistic use of homomorphic encryptionin cloud security. Is it ready for use? If not, why not? If so, why isn’t italready being used?  What other forms of encryption are in use to protectdata in cloud storage?References:· Cloud Security and Privacy : Data Security and Storage· IBM Discovery – Homomorphic Encryption· Bruce Scheier on Homomorphic Encryption· Homomorphic Encryption Applied to the Cloud Computing SecurityRequirement:One Page – One and half pageQ2. Using the fourCSPs Accelops, Amazon Web Services,Cloudera, Barracuda Networks, conduct additional research on informationthey provide to prospective customers on data security. Specifically look forprotection while data is at rest (stored), while data is being processed, andwhile data is in transit. If you find that the original concerns still exist,provide an opinion on why there has been no change. If you find the concernshave been addressed, what contributed to the change?  Also research anddiscuss encryption used by the CSP.  What type do they use?Lastly, include steps for confirming their dataprotection practices.Requirements: 3 Pages Deadline : Q1 – 10 Hours & Q2 – 2 Days

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