Q1. Review the supplemental reading material linked below.&nbsp

Q1. Review the supplemental reading material linked below. Pick one of the concepts discussed in the documents and explain it in your ownwords.  Include an example of that concept that explains it in real-worldterms.  Provide how it applies in today’s cyber-world and how it ties tothe IT Strategic or Tactical plans. Feel free to play devil’s advocate andchallenge each other. .Supplemental Readings:Information Security Key Concepts(2).pdf’The Protection of Information in Computer Systems’, Jerome Saltzer and Michael Schroeder, IEEEQ2. Chapters 8 through 13 in the Security Strategy bookprovide different tactical concepts that apply to information technology. Again, even though these are focused on security, each applies to IT. While you need to be familiar with all of them, for this assignment you shouldchoose one to explain in your own words.  Include an example that explainsthe concept.  Justify why the principle is important for IT Strategy orTactics. Find at least one additional reference for each one you choose. Rather than providing a paper, you are to create a PowerPoint presentationexplaining the concept.  It should contain 10-15 slides, including a titleslide and a reference slide.  You may include pictures, graphs, figures,or charts to help your discussion of the topic.  Your final presentationproduct should be professional in format as if you are going to present it toupper management.Textbook : Security-Strategy-From-Requirements-to-Reality.pdfDeadlines:Q1 : 12 hoursQ2 : 1 day.

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