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There are 2 parts to this assignment. I need to create a coding scheme by following the instructructions provided in the Excel worksheet, post summary table of the results and responses..Should be 1-2 paragraphs long
The 2nd part is questions on how qualitative research can be used in my research question. Has to be 1-2 paragraphs long
1st part
Using the instructions and data provided in the Open-Ended Coding Exercise spreadsheet (.xlsx), create a coding scheme and summary table of your results. Post your responses
2nd part
Using the module readings as a guide, think of a way that your research question (or a similar question) could be answered using qualitative research. What type of qualitative research could be used, and how would it be conducted? What would be the strengths and weaknesses of this design compared to quantitative methods?
Provide your perspective on qualitative research designs and discuss other research designs that could have been used to answer the research question.
Research question: Alcohol Consumption Increasing in Summer
Hypothesis- Alcohol Consumption Does Increase in Summer
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