QUESTION 1Discuss the distinguishing factors of white-collar

QUESTION 1Discuss the distinguishing factors of white-collar crimeQUESTION 2Discuss two methods of research and how they apply towhite-collar crimeQUESTION 3Discuss the differences between corporate crimes andoccupational crimes. Provide examples of each as support.QUESTION 4Why is the extent of white-collar crime difficult tomeasure?QUESTION 5Compare and contrast the different types of employee theft.QUESTION 6What are some of the more common prevention strategies andwhat are the advantages to each strategy?QUESTION 7Discuss the factors that contribute to high theft in therestaurant industry. Give examples.QUESTION 8Discuss three types of fraud committed by doctors and how itaffects patients, as well as the health care system.QUESTION 9What is the impact of unnecessary surgeries on the Americanhealth care system?QUESTION 10Discuss three types of fraud committed by pharmacists andthe effects for patients and the health care system.QUESTION 11Discuss the effects of police corruption in America. Giveexamples as support.QUESTION 12Define and discuss three types of attorney misconductQUESTION 13What are the potential white-collar crimes that can occur inthe religious systemQUESTION 14Define and discuss three types of investment fraud.QUESTION 15Discuss the differences between a Ponzi and pyramid scheme.QUESTION 16Compare and contrast two types of mortgage fraud. Includetypes of victims and consequences.QUESTION 17Write a persuasive essay on either the advantages ordisadvantages to using a database of censored mortgage officials as aprevention method for mortgage fraud.QUESTION 18Take a stance on the issue of whether or not law enforcementshould shut down slums QUESTION 19Identify two types of antitrust offenses and their impact onthe economy.QUESTION 20

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