QUESTION 1The price at which the product should be sold to t

QUESTION 1The price at which the product should be sold to the consumer is called the _______ price.retailer’slistmanufacturer’sraw material10 points  QUESTION 2The amount deducted when a manufacturer sells an item to the wholesaler is called the ____________.markupmarkup ratetrade discountbonus10 points  QUESTION 3Discounts that are deducted one after the other from the list price are called discount seriesinconsequential trade discountsspontaneous trade discountsearned trade discounts10 points  QUESTION 4When the decimal equivalents of the complements of the discount rates are multiplied to give a single decimal, this single decimal is called the ___________________.markupnet decimal equivalentmarkdownasset depreciation10 points  QUESTION 5A reduction of the amount due on an invoice is called a(n) discountnet discountcash discountunearned discount10 points  QUESTION 6EOM means _____________.extra on merchandiseend of Mayend of monthend of money10 points  QUESTION 7ROG means __________________.rejection of goodsrate of goodsroster of goods    *receipt of goodsreceipt of goods10 points  QUESTION 8In the case of partial payments, the ________________ is the partial payment plus the partial cash discount.amount receivedamount returnedamount creditedamount displaced10 points  QUESTION 9The terms of freight shipment are indicated on a document called a _______________.bill of ladingnotice of freightnotice of weightcharge for freight10 points  QUESTION 10If the freight is paid by the buyer, the bill of lading is marked ____ point.FOS shippingFOT destinationFOB shippingFOL destination

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