Question One Supply andDemanda)&nbspThe above graph shows the

Question One: Supply andDemanda) The above graph shows the supplyand demand for gasoline in a particular country. As you can tell by the graph,the current price of gasoline in this country is $3.50 per gallon. The Congressin this country is concerned because they believe a lower price of $3.25 pergallon would allow consumers to spend less on gasoline and more on other goodsand services thereby increasing employment and GDP. They know putting a priceceiling on gasoline would only create a shortage and they also know that thenation does not have the refining capacity to increase production beyond 2billion gallons. Recommend a policy for the country that would get theequilibrium price to $3.25 per gallon so there would be lower prices with nosurpluses nor any shortages. EXPLAIN INDETAIL.

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