QuestionDevelopa set of case study deliverables using the s

Question:Developa set of case study deliverables using the scenario of a website fora bank that allows customers to manage their finances.Eachdeliverable should take a minimumofone page. Include citations throughout, as necessary. Deliverablesare as follows:RiskAssessmentCreatea risk assessment that lists risks along with severity andprobability.Notes:Table of all the possible things that could go wrong, be it internalor external to the program. Like stakeholders, you will want to rankthem and provide a definition for how you prioritize them.SystemOverviewDefinethe system architecture and what components will be developed.Identify functional elements in your system architecture and linkyour requirements to them.Notes:The system overview and design show how you will create your system.There should be a clear link to requirements, but the systemoverview can go further by defining what your system looks likebehind the scenes.Schedule/ProcessOverviewDefinethe process life cycle that should be implemented (for example,Agile). Identify who and how many people should be tasked for eachphase.Notes:Provide a Gantt chart with possible time values and personnel thatmirror the different components and modules you outline in thesystem overview/design.

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