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I’m trying to learn for my Psychology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

  1. When Castor Semenya won the National Championships in her race and was then tested to “verify” her biological sex, what was she forced to take after her tests revealed higher natural testosterone levels?
  2. What does cis-gender mean?
  3. According to Roos Thorn deVries, what does “queer” mean?
  4. According to Janaya ‘Future’ Khan, what separates us [humans] from other beings and creatures?
  5. According to Janaya, what is “non-binary”?
  6. Accoding to Hanne Gaby, What is “intersex” (some of what she replies is not audible but you can still understand or look it up)?
  7. According to Jonah Lamers:
    1. officially changing your sex in the Netherlands, according to Dutch Law, means the person has to accept what “human rights violation”?
    2. What lifelong decision does this affect?,
  8. Alok:
    1. identifies as what?
    2. Why did “gay” and “trans” not work for Alok?
  9. When Naomie reads the words of Astrid Roemer from the Gay Krant, what did Astrid say was the problem with labeling “lesbian”, homosexuality, or sexual orientation as a biological condition?
  10. According to Janaya, where should our “exit point” be in regards to our society being “bound and united by a value system and a belief system that we are willing to fight for, that ___________”

Dear Passengers Gender Diversity Video Guide.pdf


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