R programming small project, not that much things than you think.

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This week your assignment is to do some R programming. I suggest you spend at least 1 hour modifying an R script. You can pick any file you want to modify and modify it in any way you want. Upload an R script with a file name of your choosing, and in the text box below, indicate 1.) which file you started with, 2.) what modifications you made to it and 3.) what you were able to learn from your work.

Here are three ideas for what you can do for your R programming project for this assignment:

  • In the afternoon session on 7/1 we discussed a question about female labor supply and number of children. The questio nand answers to it are here. I also showed in the afternoon session how one could create an R script to carry out this analysis, by using the simpson’s script.
  • Here is the script that carries out the analysis of MM Ch 2 data (earnings, private college, and ability) I showed in the morning session on 7/8. One way to modify it would be to produce a table of summary statistics (you can see how this is done in the simpson’s script or script4.)
  • You can upload a script that has something to do with your term paper.


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