Read the dialogue.&nbspGood morning, Mr. Anthony, the girl s

Read the dialogue. ‘Good morning, Mr. Anthony,’ the girl smiled. ‘Oh, good morning, Barbara,’ the man answered. ‘You are up early today,’ he observed.Which best identifies where a paragraph break should be inserted?A paragraph break should come after the word answered.A paragraph break should come after the word smiled.A paragraph break should come after the word smiled and after the word answered.A paragraph break should come after the word Anthony.2 points  QUESTION 2Which of the following is not a narrative technique used for adding vivid detail?pacingconcrete factscolorful descriptioncareful word choice2 points  QUESTION 3Read the scenario.Lucy wants to revise a sentence to create sense of urgency.Which revisionuses precise language to achieve the desired effect?The girls went into the tent.The girls walked into the tent.The girls were going into the tent.The girls scurried into the tent.2 points  QUESTION 4Look at the following transitions:first, last, then, finally.Which type of organization would require these types of transitions?chronological orderspatial orderorder of importancelogical order2 points  QUESTION 5Which resource is best suited to finding the correct spelling for a word?spell checkergrammar checkerusage guidethesaurus

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