Reasonable Accommodation &amp Natural Supports Prompts Job Site Training Quiz

for this assignment pick the appropaite answer this a multiple choice quiz. You will need to pick the correct answer there are 8 questions. I completed to 2 questions myself.

Job Site Training Quiz

• Teaching on a job site that is considered typical and acceptable to the individuals typically present.
• Brief instructional signals given before an action to help the person when learning something new. Prompts
• To adjust and tailor the parameters of a job and in effect create a customized job for a person.
• Exploring features of a workplace setting that defines its expectations, shared values, and ways of behaving.
• When a reinforcer loses its reinforing properties due to overuse.
• Any modification in the work environment or in the way things are customarily done that enables an individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities.
• Typical assistance, relationships, or interactions that allow a person to work in a job of his or her choice in ways similar to other employees.
• Tools applied to a task or setting to help individuals with disabilities improve productivity, reduce fatique, and work safely. Assistive Technology
• Organizes an activity into chunks of behavior using teachable steps and strategies for instruction
• An event that follows a behavior that increases the likelihood of the behavior occurring again.

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