Reflect on this weeks Professional Environments, Internsh

Reflect on this week’s Professional Environments, Internship activities and learning. Remember that this is your document to help you recall new and significant things from your week and plan for your future. Only you and your tutor can read this journal.You should write at least 200 words on something you have learned this week that may include:what you have learnedwhat is happening in your internshiphow you are relating what you have learned to what is happening in your workplaceother aspects of your professional developmentan article you have readan event that you have attendedsomething that may have happened in the workplace that has resulted in your learning about our different workplace culturean interview you had, or a presentation you may have given.NOTE: If you are not currently in an internship, or have completed your internship, you should consider reflecting on some of these other related activities.Your reflection may cover more than one of these categories.Use the Reflective Journal Reading article as a guide to possible career development activities.Marking Guide:0 marks if there has been no journal entry.1 mark if you simply summarise what you have learned in the seminar this week2 marks if you just summarise your seminar and list your internship activities3 marks if you can relate what you have learned in the seminar to your internship or other workplace activities4 marks if your journal shows reflective thought and application of what you have learned this week to your ongoing and future professional development.roman_wk2_disc1.docxroman_wk3_disc.docxroman_wk4_disc.docxroman_wk4_journal.docxroman_wk5_disc.docxroman_wk5_journal.docxroman_wk4_journal.docxscope_statement_template_v2.docrisk_management_plan_v_4_7.xlssample_friend.docsample.doc

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