Reflection on 9/11 Reading

Can you help me understand this Literature question?

As noted in the readings about 9/11, many of you have no memories of the attacks. You also may not be aware of the work of Pulitzer Prize winning writer Jack Miles on the character of God in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. You’ve read both pieces. I would like you to post a reflection of about 2 pages (font size 12, double spaced) on what you have learned from the readings.You can write in first person (“I think that…”), and discuss issues you found interesting or surprising in the two articles. Do not summarize the readings. Instead, you could talk about what you thought of the readings. Did you learn anything new from them? Was there anything in the two pieces that confirmed or contradicted what you already knew? Did it change your thinking at all about Islam and Muslims, or about the way Islam and Muslims are portrayed in the media?

Readings is attached.


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