REL100 The Right to Sacred things: Symbol, Myth, Rituals

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a)Suggest a question for open-ended class discussion based on the video. Try to avoid factual questions and aim for something that could be answered in a variety of ways. Either/or questions are often useful, but only if you could imagine somebody reasonably taking either side of the issue.

b)Write 300-500 words answering the question that you proposed. Use specific textual evidence to support your position.

“Rituals so saturate and shape human life that almost everything is ritualized, from the way we get up in the morning to how we turn in for the night. Not surprisingly, there are innumerable ways of classifying rituals. Each way draws out a feature of the riches of ritual. One way of classifying them is by their setting, such as the community, workplace, home, or personal life. Another way to classify them is by function. Rituals can celebrate births, solemnize marriages, or conduct funerals. They can also attempt to control the weather, to ensure the food supply, secure protection, gain healing, attain forgiveness, or even to attain salvation.100 Yet another way is to categorize them into negative and positive patterns. The negative draws and maintains the boundaries between the sacred and the profane realities. By contrast, the positive brings the participants into a unity of the sacred and profane.”

Excerpt From: Aden, Ross;. “Religion Today.” iBooks.


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