Request for Funding MemoINSTRUCTIONS – SEE MEMO MODEL ATTACHED. ASSIGNMENT #1 – Request for Funding Memo Requests for funding for either a new venture or initiative area common business occurrence and demand careful organization to presenta persuasive, thoughtful request. For this Assignment, prepare a350–500 word persuasive memo to your supervisor requesting that yourcompany sponsor you individually in a business writing course that isavailable at the local university.If you are not currently working, you may create a fictitiouscompany, supervisor, and position for yourself. In your memo, provideyour supervisor with the following:Checklist:Justify taking this course; include an outline of the benefitsthe company will receive from your participation in such an effort.Include the amount of money you are seeking,Specify how long the course will take you to complete, and howyour time spent completing the course will impact your performance atwork.Use Chapter 9 in our text for guidance in memo writing; memo_assignment_directions___model_2015.docchapter_9___business_writing_in_action.pdf

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