Required Actions Assignment 11.2 – Evaluate a given secur

Required Actions: Assignment 11.2 – Evaluate a given security policyand practice (hands-on) implementing the needed administrative securitycontrols.For this written assignment assume the following security policy hasjust been adopted by your company and you as the network administratorare responsible for implementing the “mechanism” to enforce this policy.Policy Statement: Passwordsare the most frequently utilized form of authentication for accessing acomputing resource. Due to the widespread use of weak passwords, theproliferation of automated password-cracking programs, and the activityof malicious attackers, they are very often also the weakest link insecuring data. Password use must therefore adhere to the followingpolicy statement: All passwords mush be strong passwords and follow the standards below.Be at least ten characters in lengthContain at least one lowercase characterContain at least one numberContain at least one special characterContain at least one uppercase characterCannot contain your first name, last name, or usernameCannot match your last three passwords.Must be changed every 90 days Tomaximize your learning with this written assignment, it is recommendedthat you research how passwords standards can be enforced (your choiceof the target OS) and that you attempt to implement this policy on anon-production system – preferably one that you have implemented for usein this course.   Ina two page (maximum) paper, delineate the process you would adopt,specific to your chosen OS platform, to enable enforcement of thepassword policy.  Include screen shots of scripts and/ or applicationsettings that you utilized to accomplish this assignment.

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