REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENTDate submitted January 4, 2015Applicat

REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENTDate submitted: January 4, 2015Application title: Earth Connect Online Service Web ApplicationPurpose: This Web application allows the user to sign up for an Internet service provider for homeconnectivity.Program From a Web application, the user should select one of two types of home online service.Procedures:Algorithms, 1. The Web site has two pages. The Home page provides information about the InternetProcessing, and Service Provider. The second page is the sign-up for service page.Conditions: 2. The user must be able to select information about the Internet service provider on aWeb form. The information should include the first and last name of the user and whetherthey want options of hosting a personal Web site and renting a wireless router.3. The cost for the service is as follows:Optional ServicesHost Personal Site: $2.99 per monthWireless Router: $3.99 per monthDigital Subscriber Line (DSL)Initial Connection: $49.99Basic Monthly Service: $19.994. After the selection is entered, the user clicks the Sign Up for Internet Services button.5. The information entered is validated.6. The application displays the first month’s cost (includes the initial connection fee), and thesubsequent month’s cost (does not include the initial connection fee).Notes and 1. Data validation controls should be used. The first and last names are validated toRestrictions: confirm they are not left empty.2. No optional service is required.Comments: 1. Display a picture representing the World Wide Web on the Web form.USE CASE DEFINITION1. The Home page opens, displaying a Home and Sign-Up button, an image representing the World WideWeb, and text that welcomes users to Earth Connect.2. User clicks the Sign-Up button.3. The Sign-up page opens, displaying an opening pricing page and an Internet service provider order form fora home connection, a picture representing the World Wide Web, two TextBox objects requesting the user’sfirst and last names, a CheckBox object for selecting whether the user wants a personal site, a CheckBoxobject for indicating the user wants to rent a wireless router, and a Submit button.4. User clicks the Submit button.5. Validation controls check the data.6. The application displays the first month’s cost of connectivity to an Internet service provider with theservices selected, and the subsequent month’s cost for the service.

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