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Research Paper

In this writing assignment, you assess your knowledge of the steps to writing a research paper.


A two page (650-word) persuasive essay

Step 1

Select a topic that can be debated (people agree or disagree). Here is a list of some possible ideas for a topic.

Step 2

Conduct research.

Using the library resources (ProQuest, EbscoHost) and the Internet, locate two to three articles that take a stand on your argumentative research topic. Be sure to select articles that are from reputable sources such as news magazines or scholarly journals.

Step 3

Prewrite and plan your essay using the strategies that we have studied in this course (freewriting, brainstorming, branching, outlining).

Step 4

Draft your essay. Take a stand on your issue using ideas from your research to back your position. Remember to consider the counterarguments. In other words, address how someone may disagree. In your draft, be sure to address the following:

  • Your introduction should provide a brief overview of the research topic.
  • Your thesis statement should indicate your stand on the topic.
  • Your body paragraphs should include a topic sentence and specific evidence (summaries, paraphrases, or quotes) that help readers understand the points you are making.
  • Your conclusion should indicate the effects of the disagreements on this topic. Why do these two sides exist? Why is compromise possible/desirable or not?
  • Academic research papers should not use contractions (don’t) or personal pronouns such as I or you.

Step 5

Revise and edit the essay.

  • Make changes that improve the thesis, the topic sentences, and the transitions. Explain anything that needs clarification. Cut anything that doesn’t fit. Add anything that may be missing.
  • Make sure that your own thinking is more evident than the material you have borrowed from your two or three sources, which should have the appropriate in-text citations.
  • Using a reference generator, make a reference list as the last page of your document. Be sure to follow APA guidelines. References should keep the same formatting as the rest of your paper (double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman). Remember to alphabetize your sources.
  • Edit with Grammarly. Be sure Grammarly is set to Research Results and the Plagiarism checker is turned on.

Step 6

Save and submit your assignment.

When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place, and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.


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