Research and provide two to three pages covering the followi

Research and provide two to three pages covering the following:How do you decide on how a specification for a field will be determined? Why do you select a specific field type? Why are field values coded or compressed? What means are available to control integrity of fields? How can possible missing field values be handled? Why might normalized relations not translate into efficient physical records.Cloud Computing :Throughout the reading materials, there are references to security as it pertains to public and private cloud models. Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following items for these two types of models:DescriptionNetwork-level security issuesHost-level security issuesApplication-level security issuesCompare and contrast the models to help your audience understand the differences.  The audience for your presentation will be the CFO of your organization who doesn’t have much IT or security experience. The presentation should be a minumum of 10 slides in length.  (The title slide, “Any Questions?” slide, or references slide do not count toward the minimum slide number.  Only content slides count.)  Use the Notes area of PowerPoint to explain each slide.

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