Research and then briefly describe 2-3 events or social or cultural developments that may have inspired this article.

Research and then briefly describe 2-3 events or social or cultural developments that may have inspired this article.


Link for the article has to be use for this paper. I meant the paper is based on this article. the essay should be about this article with using the sources i listed down. the paper has three parts one page for Part A, one page for part B and 3 pages for part C the title of the article is The obesity era

As the American people got fatter, so did marmosets, vervet monkeys

and mice. The problem may be bigger than any of us

by David Berreby Part A

Developing an Evaluative Annotated Bibliography (4 pieces)=conversation the article joins.

· End with a short summary (1 paragraph) that describes the conversation the article joins: what do these pieces have in common?

1. Annotated Bib style is up to the student: MLA

2. End with a short summary: what do these pieces have in common? Describe the conversation your article joins (1-2 well-developed pargraphs).

Part B

1. Prework: Research and then briefly describe 2-3 events or social or cultural developments that may have inspired this article.

2. In a short essay, respond to the following question:

Why might these events and/or developments have influenced the author to write this piece? (1 page)

Part C

In a 3-page essay, answer the following question:

Considering what you have learned through your research, why do you believe the author’s discussion is timely, noteworthy, and/or important?

• The writer must include a Works Cited. References, or Bibliography containing at least 3 secondary sources other than the primary article.

• In addition, the writer must include at least 3 references to 3 different sources listed in the Works Cited, References, or Bibliography.

• At least one of these references must be incorporated in a block quotation.


Kairos Essay

Focus and Articulation of Article’s Importance:

1.________ fails to clearly establish the timeliness, noteworthiness, and/or academic importance of the

primary author’s discussion.

2. ________ fails to specifically develop that sense of importance throughout the essay.

3. ________ fails to effectively integrate secondary sources in the development of the essay’s argument.

(**Note to assessors: because portfolio evaluation is a holistic process, any essay receiving “NC” must include at least one deficiency from above this line.)

Writing Skills

The Essay

4. ________ does not appropriately introduce the reader to the main idea.

5. ________ does not include final paragraph(s) that provide(s) closure consistent with the main idea.

6. ________ does not meet required page length through idea development.

7. ________ does not include a correctly incorporated block quotation.

8. _______ does not include a correctly cited References, Works Cited, or other reputably formatted

bibliographic list.

9. _______ does not integrate into the essay at least 3 secondary sources other than the primary article.

10. ______ does not include at least 3 in-text references from 3 sources documented in the bibliography.

Its paragraphs

11. _______ do not use content which consistently supports the thesis.

12. _______ do not consistently signal new ideas, sub-ideas, or emphases.

13. _______ do not consistently maintain relationships or connections between the ideas they develop.

14. ______ are not sufficiently developed.

15. ______ fail to use specific examples and details from sources to support claims.


16. ______ within each paragraph do not connect clearly and consistently to the main emphasis of the


17. ______ do not develop relevant ideas by building on content from preceding sentences.

18. ______ do not use relevant diction and stylistic conventions appropriate for junior-level university writers.

19. ______ do contain spelling errors which consistently distract the reader.

20. ______ do contain grammatical errors which consistently distract the reader.

Works Cited I want you use for this assignment Pick 3 of them

Berreby, David. “The obesity era.” The Aeon Magazine (2013). Web. 19 July 2015.

Davies, Marilyn A., et al. “The development and effectiveness of a health information website designed to improve parents’ self‐efficacy in managing risk for obesity in preschoolers.” Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing 19.4 (2014): 316-330. Web. 3 June 2015.

Gubbels, Jessica S., et al. “The assessment of ongoing community-based interventions to prevent obesity: lessons learned.” BMC public health 15.1 (2015): 216. Web. 3 June 2015.

Salvadori, Alberto, et al. “Short bouts of anaerobic exercise increase non-esterified fatty acids release in obesity.” European journal of nutrition 53.1 (2014): 243- 249. Web. 3 June 2015.

Tavasoli, Sanaz, et al. “Central obesity and asthma outcomes in adults diagnosed with asthma.” Journal of Asthma 50.2 (2013): 180-187. Web. 3 June 2015.

Weiss, Ram, et al. “Glucose Effectiveness in Obese Children: Relation to Degree of Obesity and Dysglycemia.” Diabetes care 38.4 (2015) 689-695. Web. 3 June 2015.


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