Research Paper Instructions and Rubric(1).docx&nbspTitle of pap

Research Paper Instructions and Rubric(1).docx Title of paper.docx Previous Research Topics.docx Here are some suggestions that may be of assistance with the research paper.Start with the premise of your paper, e.g., the value of the US dollar helped US exports because it experienced less fluctuation from 2004 through 2014 than the Euro.Reword your premise to formulate an introduction.Indentify 3 or 4 supporting points that will prove your premise.  These supporting points become paragraphs and are incorporated in the introduction.Do Not provide definitions, background, or superfluous informationFocus of your paper must be the economic premise (title) of your paper.Develop the supporting points into supporting paragraphs.Write your conclusion stating how you proved the premise of your paperProvide bibliography; ensure paper is spell checked, proof read, properly formatted, and original work.Please choose the topic first and send me on next Friday.

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