Research Proposal or Implementation plan;Where is the GAP in knowledge?

Research Proposal or Implementation plan;Where is the GAP in knowledge?

Assessment 3: Research, Implementation and Evaluation – Marking Criteria
For this assessment you are being asked to develop EITHER:
1. An Evidence Implementation Plan that outlines the process of using evidence-based recommendation(s) to develop an implementation plan for the transfer and maintenance of new knowledge into practice (from recommendation to implementation)
2. to use your refined research question from Assessment 2 (Option 2) to develop a Research or Evaluation Proposal to investigate an aspect of practice or to examine the effects of practice change on patient/client outcomes and organizational/health service improvement following an evidence implementation.
Please indicate on your Assessment which option you have chosen.
Option 1: Evidence Implementation Plan
Option 2: Research Proposal
PLEASE NOTE: It is intended that the end-point of Assessment 2 (either evidence-based recommendations or answerable research question) will be your beginning point for Assessment 3. This assessment is designed to take either of these end-points to the next stage of either knowledge transfer (implementing recommendations in Option 1) or generating new knowledge through research (in Option 2).
The outcome of Assessment 2 may lead you to switch between Options 1 and 2 for your third assessment. If you find that recommendations from Assessment 2 are not based on good quality evidence (and are therefore not able to be implemented), you might wish to use evidence-based recommendations from another source that is relevant to your practice, such as those in a practice guideline.
You are NOT required to actually carry out the implementation or the research project as part of this unit of study.
The assessment should be written in the style of an implementation plan (Option 1) or research proposal (Option 2) of 2,000 – 2,500 words. A framework for structuring each of these appears over the page.
There is an expectation of a well-presented document that outlines a coherent, logical and structured approach to the assessment task and which is consistent with advanced academic writing at postgraduate level. This assessment item allows students to demonstrate learning outcomes 1, 5 and 6.
The following may help you to structure the writing of your Assessment:
Research in Nursing and Health Care
Assessment 3: Research, Implementation and Evaluation – Marking Criteria
Structure of a Proposal (research or evaluation) option 2
Succinct but descriptive
Summary or brief overview
Background and literature review •
Why should the study be done (justification)?
• Where is the GAP in knowledge?
Aims of the project or study hypotheses
• What will be investigated?
• Aims of the study?
• Hypothesis and research question(s)?
• Study design or methodological approach?
Significance of the project
• How and why is this study important?
• How will the study be done?
• Sites, sampling, procedure for recruitment
• What data will be collected and how?
• What approach will be used for analysis?
Ethical or resource implications
• What are sources of potential harm or disruption to people or services and what measures will be taken to avoid this harm?
• What items need to be considered in the budget?
Budget justification
• What is the cost-benefit of conducting the study?
Time line
• How long will the project take?

Structure of an Evidence Implementation Plan option 1
Summary or brief overview
TITLE: Succinct but descriptive
Summary or brief overview of plan
Background and literature review
• Is there a current problem or is there evidence for better practice?
• Does literature identify barriers and/or suggest how these might be overcome (e.g. frameworks and models?
Aims of the implementation
• What improvement or outcomes are expected?
• How will these outcomes be evaluated?
Identification of stakeholders, champions and targets –
-Who will be involved and when?
Identification of barriers
– What or who might hinder the plan?
Significance of the project
• Why is this practice change necessary?
Method of knowledge transfer: Planned staging of implementation activities
• How will barriers be addressed?
• How will stakeholders be involved? Proposed evaluation
• How will results be evaluated?
Ethical or resource implications
• What are sources of potential harm to clients or disruption to practice and what measures will be taken to avoid these?
• What costs are associated with the implementation?
• What is the cost-benefit to the organization and to the client in improved health care and outcomes?
Time line
• How long will the implementation take (including the evaluation of outcomes?)
Adapted from: Nagy S., Mills J., Waters D., & Birk M. (2010) Using Research in Healthcare Practice, Sydney: Wolters Kluwer. Chapter 11.


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