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The topic being researched is Foster Care. This topic is important because Foster Care affects many children for many reasons. The effects of children entering the Foster Care system can be unnerving emotionally. This topic was chosen because many working in child care settings such as a youth department at church, come in contact with many children in the foster care system and will benefit from expanded knowledge on this topic to support these children. This topic is relevant to children birth through the age eight because this is the age group where many children are introduced to Foster Care. Even though foster children are emotionally fragile making the transition into Foster Care can be made a positive experience. The specific research question for the topic is how Foster Care affects the lives of children.

Edwards, F., Wildman, C, & Yi, y. (2020). Cumulative prevalence of confirmed maltreatment and foster care placement for US children by race/ ethnicity, 2011-2016. American Journal of Public Health, 110 (5), 704-709. dio:10.2105/AJPH.2019.305554

This is a Scholarly article written by Youngmin Yi,MA, Frank R. Edwards, PhD, and Christopher Wildmen, Phd. The intended audience for this article is professionals in the Foster Care System and those interested in the risks associated in foster placement. This study was intended to provide updated estimates of maltreatment of children in Foster Care. Any differences specific to child of different race and ethnicities. They found that maltreatment within Foster Care increased slightly between the years 2011-2016 . Most notably of children of American Indian and Alaskan decent experience the highest increase. This suggests we need a stronger community out reach and services for children subjected to maltreatment in Foster Care, because this could have a strong negative impact on foster children.


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