Response 2


Health care organizations are classified by service delivery, financing, payment solutions, and insurance relations to attract and maintain patients, clients, and/or consumers. All of the aforementioned classification systems are important to health care organizations requiring strategic planning and effective leadership who is hard working, provides accurate data analysis, and has the ability to make tough and informed decisions (Kaufman, 2018). Effective leaders will report on key performance measures allowing management to make informed decisions rather than misguided decisions.

Health care organizations providing affordable care and quality service delivery to patients become the provider of choice for the largest variety of patients. Kaufman (2018) suggests that organizations can only become sustainable if leaders evaluate their cost structures and re-examine their strategies and operations including access to services and timeliness of wait times to see providers. Effective leaders strategize ways to improve services to patients resulting in patient retention, and increasing organizational sustainability.


Kaufman, N. S. (2018). Health System Strategies: Making the Tough Decisions: Hospitals can further affordability by focusing on their cost structures and operations. Trustee, 71(2), 2728.



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