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Publicly Allstate has been very vocal about its diversity and inclusion views. Christy Harris, Allstate vice president, ‘’ One of our top priorities as a company is to embrace our differences and ensure everyone has a seat at the table. ‘’ In a review of the company’s practices, they more than walk the walk. Allstate has gone above industry norms in their efforts to recruit and develop talent aimed specifically at women, racial/ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, veterans, and LGBTQ people. Additionally, Allstate has a mentoring program that aids diverse business owners with the tools for strengthening their company. This differs greatly from my current job. The U.S Embassy does not address such matters publicly. From working with the department for a long time I can say that there is a great attempt to secure the best candidate for the position diversity is not a large factor in some positions due to relations with other countries and their requirements. This can make matters difficult if you are talking to some Nations you will need male coordinators over a certain age. When positions are available without such conditions there is not a visible bias.


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