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when setting up my account the process was very similar to setting up my Facebook account. I started by putting in my name and email. The account sent a verification code to my phone which I used to activate my account. After this Twitter asked for access to my contact list so as to search for my phone contacts to see if they have Twitter accounts. A majority of my contacts did have active pages, and I ended up following a few people and having them follow me back. Then came the multitude of questions, everything from my favorite music to which celebrity I would like to follow. Some questions I answered others I didn’t bother because I felt they were unnecessary. I was also asked what pages I was interested in following, and there were many different accounts to choose from and different pages about fashion, music, gossip, politics just about everything imaginable. Over all the process of setting up a Twitter account isn’t all that different from setting up a Facebook or many other accounts out there. Although afterwards I didn’t like the profile name the system chose for me and I seem to be having a hard time finding out how to change it to something I like.

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