review the journal article, Green Sports Facilities AreBeco

review the journal article, ‘Green Sports Facilities AreBecoming The Gold Standard, by Robert A. Darwell and Huv Q. Nguyen, inthe Sports Litigation Alert Archives (July 2, 2010) in your APUS OnlineLibrary. To review this journal article you are to:Click on library link on the left of the screen. A new window will open and then you will click on Articles and Databases. Under ‘Select Topic Databases’ you will click on ‘Sport Litigation Alert’ Being that the directions states that the article is from July 2,2010 you would then click on ‘older issues’ to the right of the screen. Click on July 2, 2010 You will see 9 different articles and the 8th article down is Green Sports Facilities Are Becoming The Gold Standard. ‘Sustainability is a comprehensive philosophy in which a varietyof environmentally friendly materials and procedures are utilized tohelp reduce energy expenditures.’ Over the last decade many individualsand organizations, including the sports industry, have adopted thisphilosophy. Many of the new and renovated stadiums are considered ‘greenfacilities’. Please review the journal below, your textbook and theInternet to complete this assignment: You are the facility manager of asports facility of your choice. Upper management has asked for you tocome up with future plans to renovate or rebuild your facility making ita green facility. Come up with 8-10 ways to make your facility greenand your reasoning behind each one. Use your imagination, money is noobject! Create your presentation using PowerPoint and be sure to includegraphics to support and enhance your presentation.Your Powerpoint Presentation must have atleast 10 slides. Your title slide and your reference slide do not counttowards the 10-slide minimum. Youare to use peer-reviewed sources from our online library. Our onlinelibrary has many databases to choose from but I encourage you to look atthe following databases:SBRnetSportsdiscusEbscosuiteDo not use Wikipedia. References:Ammon, R., Southall, R. M., & Nagel, M. (2010). Sports Facility Management. West Virginia: West Virginia University.Undergraduate Level 300-400LevelFocus/Thesis of Turning Facility/Stadium GreenTotal PointsPoorExhibits a limited understanding ofthe assignment. Reader is unable to follow the logic used for the thesisand development of key themes. Introduction of thesis is not clearlyevident, and reader must look deeper to discover the focus of thewriter. Student’s writing is weak in the inclusion of supporting factsor statements. Minimum slides/pages not met and visuals, if completingPowerpoint presentation, are minimal.10Developing Student exhibits a basicunderstanding of the intended assignment, but the thesis is not fullysupported throughout the assignment. While thesis helps to guide thedevelopment of the assignment, the reader may have some difficulty inseeing linkages between thoughts. While student has included a fewsupporting facts and statements, this has limited the quality of theassignment. Minimum slides/pages are barely met and visuals, ifcompleting Powerpoint presentation, are fair.40AccomplishedEstablishes a good comprehension oftopic and in the building of the thesis. Student demonstrates aneffective presentation of thesis, with most support statements helpingto support the key focus of assignment. Minimum slides/pages are met andvisuals, if completing Powerpoint presentation, are good.70Exemplary Student exhibits a defined and clearunderstanding of the assignment. Thesis is clearly defined and wellconstructed to help guide the reader throughout the assignment. Studentbuilds upon the thesis of the assignment with well-documented andexceptional supporting facts, figures, and/or statements. Minimumslides/pages are met and visuals, if completing Powerpoint presentation,are exceptional. 100

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