Review the&nbspattached case study&nbspand1. Conducta systems anal

Review the attached case study and1. Conducta systems analysis based on the company in the case study.  2. Provide a description of the’as-is’ state of the company and their computing assets(networks, servers, systems, etc.).  3. Conduct a complete analysis of thearchitecture of the client’s IT environment.  This report provides a gap analysis that lists and explains theassets along with their value and utility.  4. If you identify avulnerability, include its potential or real effects.  Do notinclude recommendations addressing the risks at this time.  The audience for this report is yourclient’s executives and staff.  Therefore, stick to just the facts aspresented in the case.In a Word document, developa network diagram, physicaldescription of the facilities, documentation of the policies, standards, and proceduresyou’ve identified from the case study.  It should also include a listing of the most criticalorganizational assets.  harry_and_mae_background.pdf

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