Rocks classified as&nbspvolcanicform at depthsolidify at the su

Rocks classified as volcanicform at depthsolidify at the surfaceexpand in sizeare flat in shapeConglomerate would be an example of:Aintrusive sedimentary rockAchemical sedimentary rockAdetrital sedimentary rockAfoliated sedimentary rockCoquina is a type ofClastic sedimentary rockMetamorphic rockbiochemical sedimentary rockIgneous rockHumans developed during the ____ era.cambriancenozoicmesozoicpaleozoicRock formationsalways contain a specific index fossil.TrueFalseThe first mineral to crystallize froma body of magma isOlivineMicrocline feldspar (potassiumfeldspar)Muscovite micaQuartzWhich of the following is an igneous rock?BasaltMarbleSchistConglomerateThe sequence or order inwhich minerals crystallize from magma is called____.Porphyritic sequencingThe chemical gradient of the magmaBowen’s reaction seriesThe rock cycleThe number representing the ratio of amineral’s weight to the weight of an equal volume of water is known as:Weight Specific GravityBuoyancyDisplacementWhich one of the following mineralgroups shows cleavage in one plane? Olivine groupPyroxene groupMicas FeldsparsSodium can become positively charged by giving up oneelectron.TrueFalseMuch of the world’s copper is extracted from ___.pegmatitedepositsdisseminated depositsveindepositsPaleocenedepositsThe streak of a mineral representsThecolor of the practical mineralThecolor of the powdered mineralThecoloring agent inan idiochromatic mineralAllof the aboveShields are expansive, raised regions composed ofdeformed crystalline rock.TrueFalse

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