Rome Tour BrochureTravel brochures help people to make trave

Rome Tour BrochureTravel brochures help people to make travel plans. The pictures and descriptions make us want to tour the world!Tour The World Company needs a brochure for advertising its tour of ancient Rome.Because you’ve already seen so many of the sites, you’ve been hired to design a brochure.Click hereto open the rubric to see how you’ll be graded for this project.Use the information from your tours of Rome to create a trifold brochure.A trifold brochure is a piece of plain white paper folded into thirds (see the picture above). You can also use Desktop Publishing or any other presentation software.Plan for six pages of information about the tour.On the first page of the brochure, include:The name of the company (Tour the World)A company logo or pictureThe name of the tour (Tour of  Ancient Rome)Choosefiveplaces to write about on the other pages.Use the list below.Places on the tour:ColosseumRoman ForumUmbilicus urbis Romae – and Roman RoadsTemple of ConcordRoman SenateArch of TitusThe PantheonTrevi FountainSpanish StepsVatican CitySt. Peter’s SquareThe Vatican MuseumStanze of RaphaelSistine ChapelWrite a paragraph about each topic.Remember, you want people to reallywant to visit these places.Don’t write a school report!Draw a picture or use graphics for each location.Don’t forget that spelling and grammar errors will make your brochure look unprofessional.Use thebrochure checklistto guide your writing.Choose one of these options for creating your brochure:Use a plain sheet of white paper.Use a scanner to copy each page.Save and submit the pages to your teacher.Use a digital camera and photograph each page.Download the images to your computer.Save and submit the images to your teacher.Use a desktop publishing or presentation program.Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint or software from are examples.Save your work and submit to your teacher.

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