Scenario Teresais scheduled to meet with you this morning.

Scenario: Teresais scheduled to meet with you this morning. You reflect on the progressshe and her children have made as a result of the interventions thatyou have recommended. With each struggle, Teresa practiced using theproblem solving skills that you taught her and, while she was still notable to leave public housing, she would be exited from other publicassistance programs today. She reminds you of yourself and your ownstruggles, and you wonder if you should tell her about your own path. Itseems that it would be a good idea to tell her about your story so thatshe can remain hopeful of continued success. When she knocks on youroffice door, you excitedly ask her to step in.She begins to cry and tells you thatshe is not sure what to do; her family is going to be evicted frompublic housing and she lost her job. You sit very still, “Whathappened?” She tells you that she even though the police told her unclethat he had to leave the house, he did not. He has two felony drugconvictions and no one with a drug felony is allowed to live in thatpublic housing community. She starts to cry harder and hyperventilate.To help her calm down, you consider telling her your story. questions: Should you tell Teresa about howyou also had to live on public assistance while recovering from asubstance abuse problem? After all, you had a worse situation andmanaged to recover; if she hears your story, she might feel hopeful.What are your next steps to help manage this crisis?What referrals would most likely be added to her new intervention plan?

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