SCI-HS Stoichiometry Mixed Stoichio Problems

I don’t understand this Chemistry question and need help to study.

1) KClO3 –> KCl + O2. Make sure equation is balanced before you start calculations

a) If 53.0g of potassium chlorate breaks down, what volume of oxygen is produced?

b) How many grams of potassium chloride are produced from problem a?

2) Sulfuric acid reacts with sodium hydroxide to produced water and sodium sufate.

a) Write the above equation in formula form

b) balance the equation

c) How many molecules of water are produced when 12.0g of sodium sulfate are created?

d) How many grams of sulfuric acid are needed to produced 135 L of water?

3) Aluminum chloride breaks down into aluminum and chlorine

a) Write the above equation in formula form.

b) Balance the equation

c) When 10.0g of aluminum chloride breaks down, how many atoms of chlorine are produced?

d) How many atoms of aluminum are produced along with 119g of chlorine?


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