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Using the PICOT format, what clinical questions can you pose about your experience in clinical settings? Do not hesitate to let me know your questions as this is a tricky topic!

PICOT Format:

In _______(P), how does_______(I) compared to _______(C) affect _______ (O) within ______ (T)?

In this post we are going to develop our own PICOT which you might think about as a little nursing research question of your own. Choose a population that you are familiar with/passionate about, and that population might be nurses or patients. You will want to also tell us a little background about your topic and why you think it is important. Search the databases to find a good research study or two that helps you investigate this PICOT question. There are so many great topics for PICOT questions like bedside report, barcoding and medications errors, hourly rounding, self scheduling, skin to skin contact for infants, and many more. Keep in mind though that you will want to choose a nursing topic that you can accomplish without an order from a doctor. We want this to be nurse driven. Jump right in!

Once you have written you PICOT question, use the two articles you found for your Annotated Bibliography assignment.

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