SEC430_r4_Evidence Tracking_Instructions.docI have attached

SEC430_r4_Evidence Tracking_Instructions.docI have attached the a page with the info for the evidence trackinginstructions. Once your on the webpage the Username is hernandezla andthe Password is water12The following are the main points that need to be on the paper after reading the evidence tracking instructions. Write a1,400- to 1750-word paper in which forensic and other evidence found at theselected crime scene is tracked from collection through presentation. Includethe following:· Brief description of the chosen scenario · Two different types of collected evidence · Sources of the evidence· Proper collection procedures· Instructions on how to record the evidence· Chain of evidence· Processing protocols· Interpretation methods· Preservation of evidence· Proper presentation methods for different typesof evidenceConsequencesof mishandling evidencePick only one of the following: · Homicide· Sexual Assault· Burglary· Violent Crime

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