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Select a credible article from the search engine you use this search engine, be sure that you select an article available in its entirety for free, not just a brief abstract).  This source should be one that you could use to help you to support the argument you are making about your “big idea” or it could be an article that challenges the argument you are making. Read this source and then select a 1-2 paragraph passage from that source that is particularly relevant to your argument.Begin this week’s invention lab by simply copying that 1-2 paragraph passage into the Invention Lab. Label this ORIGINAL SOURCE and include an APA formatted full References page citation for this source.Next, write a paragraph that you might eventually include in the draft of your persuasive paper, including paraphrased information from the 1-2 source paragraphs you have selected and included above. Since you are using ideas from that source, you will need to give credit to that source by including an APA formatted in text citation within the paragraph itself. Label this paragraph PARAPHRASE. Empowering Youth is my big idea!!!

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