Select a film and getpermission to proceed to watch the film

Select a film and getpermission to proceed to watch the film.Submit your movie for approval (via Canvas; week 4 module)View the MovieSummarize the storyline and main characters (1 page Max)Identify three concepts that are covered in the text regarding your selected stage of development (Hint: create a header in your paper for each theme, e.g., Parenting Style, Attachment, Friendship in Adolescence)For each concept briefly summarize what psychologists empirically know about this concept (cite the text or other sources for the information) and then discuss how each theme was portrayed in the film. Were they accurate depictions of the concept?View the movie again.Did you miss anything?Write a conclusion. Include what you would add or change about the film to reflect the empirical understanding of development. Also note whether or not you are left with any questions about the concepts you chose. If not, tell why not and if you are, what questions remain?Avoid Plagiarism! Create a reference page and make sure that you cite your work throughout the paper, followingAPA format. (NOTE: You may simply use your textbook and the movie. Using additional sources is not required)Submit paper by11:59pmon Thursday,7/25.FORMAT  The report should be typed in black, 12-point, Times New Roman fontInclude an APA-formatted title page.NOabstract is required.Reports should include headers for each of the 5 required sectionMovie SummaryConcepts/Theories (one for each; there should be 3)Conclusion (Include proposed changes/Remaining Questions).Paraphrase!Donotinclude any direct quotes from your references unless you are defining a term.APA-style ReferencesAt the end there should be a reference page (include at least the movie and your textbook)For every citation in the text, the source should be on the reference page.Do not include any sources on the reference page that you did not actually cite in the paper.The paper should be 5 pages (the title and reference pages doNOTcount toward the page requirement). There will be a penalty for papers that are too long (more than 6 pages) or too short (fewer than 5).Use 1” marginsDouble-space the paperYour writing should be formal and professional. Your work should not read like a casual conversation you would have with a friend.Avoid using contractions (e.g., write “cannot” instead of “can’t”)Paper should be in APA format. For more style help, visit this website: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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