Select a special population that was not in the Reading. Con

Select a special population that was not in the Reading. Conduct research so that you can explain the characteristics of the population, common needs, and strategies for providing effective case management services.Once you have conducted your research, write a hypothetical client scenario that includes:Name of client, age, gender, educational status, living situation, marital status.Presenting problem (case management related) and explanation of how the client ended up in the current situation.List of needs prioritized so that the most immediate are first.Brief explanation of the client’s special needs (population) and treatment obstacles.At least two referrals (choose a city different than where you live for practice) to meet those needsRemember to focus on the client’s membership in the special population. The presenting problem, needs, obstacles and referrals should be appropriate to the special need of the client.The learning activity should use the following layout . APA format is not required, however be sure to add at least 500 words total in the response.Client Name:Age: Gender: Marital status:Level of Education (partial or last completed)Housing: (explain who the client lives with and the situation- does client pay rent or own home/live for free)Presenting Problem:List of needs:Special Population/Needs: (explain the population and how this relates to the client)Referrals1.2.

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