Servant Leader in the Army

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Assessing Writing Informative Essay

a. Overview: This writing practicum will assess the student’s ability to write a short informative essay. This assessment is part of the student’s GPA.

(1) You are to write an expository/informative essay on Servant Leader in the Army(U.S Military). Also please use a graphic organizer as a separate document attach to the essay explaining Servant Leader in the Army. Then the last thing wi be a powerpoint showing the highlights of what you wrote including the graphic organizer. Any references should also be annotated. This paper must contain a strong, supported purpose statement in a clear and concise manner; using correct grammar, sentence structure, and word usage. Provide a clear purpose statement. Provide a coherent transition from one topic to the next using this rubric as a general guideline. Your essay will:

  • Be font Arial 12pt • Be double-spaced • Have one-inch margins all around • Be 1250 words in length • Strong purpose statement. Use the five (5) paragraph format
  • Your graphic organizer must be turned in with the paper as per the training schedule posted. In order to receive a “GO,” you must obtain 70 or more points IAW the evaluation rubric provided. Receiving a “GO” on this evaluation is a graduation requirement.


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