Service improvement in healthcare services-Uk

Service improvement in healthcare services-Uk

This module enables students to meet the following learning outcomes:
1) Critically analyse national health policy and the regulatory body’s guidance and how this influences your practice.
2) Critically examine how a particular aspect of service improvement has or would improve has or would improve the care of the patient.
3) Critically analyse risk assessment and how this relates to patient safety.
4) Critically analyse the NHS integrated governance agenda and how this relates to all of the above outcomes
5) Critically apply the principles of integrated governance to the development of professional or clinical practice
Critically analyse a specific aspect of your current or future practice which addresses the learning outcomes for this module:
Identify an opportunity for a Service Improvement Project from a recent practice placement experience, and discuss how this type of project contributes to the NHS Quality Improvement agenda. Evaluate how your identified project links to relevant English health legislation/policy for the area of practice, and consider any risks associated with such a project, for service users, practitioners and the delivery of nursing. You should refer to your own project to illustrate your discussions, via inclusion of a PDSA plan, measurement plan and any other relevant tools, in an appendix to this essay.


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