Sexual Violence Against Women

Take a position on the statement, “Sexual violence against women is no longer a social problem.” In your paper, you should draw on course readings, lectures, and film to discuss this statement. Also, make sure to define key concepts such as gender, hegemonic masculinity, and patriarchy. Do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why? Some questions you might in generating material for your paper could include: Do the scholars we’ve read agree with this statement? Why or why not? What are the problems and/or limitations of this statement?

Before turning in your paper, double check that your paper:

· Has a title (be creative!);

· Clearly states your thesis (i.e., your main argument) early in the paper;

· Presents a compelling, critical evaluation of the statement. Think about how the course material (including lectures, readings, and film) problematizes or supports this statement;

· Correctly defines/explains and utilizes key concepts and theories discussed in class and in readings (make sure to define gender, hegemonic masculinity, and patriarchy);

· Correctly cites materials. Does NOT use outside sources;

· Is at least 3 full pages and not more than 4 pages long (you do not need a title page);

· Is printed/typed in 12-point, double-spaced font;

· Has been carefully proofread and does not contain spelling or grammatical errors;

· Follows the procedures detailed above.

General Tips:

· Do not waste time with “filler.” NO direct quotes, personal anecdotes, or Webster’s Dictionary definitions. Your goal is to demonstrate that you have read and understood the assigned reading and that you can paraphrase their main points IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

· Again, do NOT directly quote from readings. Instead, paraphrase ideas and concepts in your own words, and then give credit using parenthetical citations. You do not need a bibliography.

· You do NOT need a bibliography or works cited.


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